Shinobi Media: Rest API for getting info on your favorite movies, shows, and actors

Shinobi API Information

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Return codes
202 OK
404 No result(s) found
403 You are not authorized, access token is needed
429 Rate limit exceeded. Wait up for a second. Rate-limiting is set to three (3) calls per second.

Available Libraries
A C# library is under development and will be available at GitHub
Get in touch if you want your library listed here.

Supported End-points
  • Cast (TV and Movie)
  • Crew (TV and Movie)
  • Awards
  • Calendar
  • Television Shows
  • Show Episodes
  • Show statuses
  • Images (Backdrops & Posters)
  • Movies
  • Trailers
  • Magnet Hashes
  • Music Artists & Bands
  • Music Artists & Bands cover art
  • Album tracks
  • Album information
  • Album art
  • Cover art
  • Song lyrics
  • Average ratings

Who uses Shinobi API
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Subscription Plans

Support us and get full (no rate limits and magnet hashes) access. Some endpoints are free to use and are rate limited.

API News

04-18-2018: Actor info end-point added
04-19-2018: Image search end-point added
04-29-2018: Added Show status end point
04-29-2018: Changes to Ratings end-point
05-02-2018: Added calendar end-points
05-09-2018: Added Actors in TV Show end-point
05-09-2018: Changes to Actors end-points
05-19-2018: Added crew end-point
05-19-2018: Added magnet hashes endpoint (Enhanced Access Needed)
05-24-2018: Added magnet hashes by date end-point (Enhanced Access Needed)
05-24-2018: Image end-point now returns posters and backdrops
05-28-2018: Added Trailers end-point
05-30-2018: Added Add Actors &; TVShows end-point
06-01-2018: Added extra end-points to trailers and ratings
06-10-2018: Added Music related end points
07-09-2018: Added episodate to ratings end-point
07-09-2018: Updated trailers endpoint (extended search results)
07-16-2018: Updated tvshow end-points to now include external 3rd party ID's
07-19-2018: Fixed JSON output and added trailer count end-points
07-23-2018: Added Show/Movie Aliases end-point
07-25-2018: Added External IDs to most end-points
07-28-2018: Added more end-points for TV Show episodes
09-09-2018: Added Calendar end-point for showdates by show name